Camera probe cover

Disposable cover for different types from different manufacturers

Product Specifications :

– without latex

– Made of transparent and high quality polyethylene

– Tapes to ensure the cover is fixed on the machine

Large foldable pieces to change the shape and shape of the cover comfortably


What is a laparoscopic and arthroscopic camera cover?

Before starting the discussion and getting acquainted with laparoscopic camera covers or arthroscopic camera covers, it is necessary to get acquainted with new surgical methods, ie endoscopic surgery, so that we can continue to define, use and features of their camera covers. Do.

What is endoscopy?

One of the equipments that are widely used in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases today are endoscopes, which have made dramatic changes in diagnostic and surgical cases and have been widely developed as a minimally invasive method; So that today, if it is possible to use this method, invasive surgeries are avoided.

In the old generation of equipment, after setting it up and inserting it into the desired location, the doctor used the lens directly and performed the process of diagnosis or surgery, which made the operation difficult for the doctor. .

But in the new generation, for better visibility and easier and safer steps, other accessories are used, which include camera, receiver and monitor. A small camera with a connector at the end to connect to the lens’s eye and a cable in the sequence that is installed by the interface to the video device to prepare the waves sent by the lens for processing and imaging, and finally the image of the surgical site visible on the monitor Turns.

Uses of endoscopes:

Flexible endoscopes (flexible) according to its diameter and length in various specialties such as gastrointestinal (gastric, esophageal, colon, etc.), respiratory system (lung, trachea and airways), urinary system And genital (cystoscopy and…), women (endoscopy of the uterus and genital area) and… are used.
Rigid endoscopes are used in most surgeries due to the size of the lens. These include:
General surgery (such as removal of appendix, gallbladder, tumors, removal of part of intestine, liver, etc.), gynecological surgery (removal of ovarian cyst, uterus, lumps, etc.), chest (removal of part of lung, mass) Urinary and genital tract (removal of stones and lumps, removal of prostate, etc.), ear, throat and nose (removal of sinus polyps and nasal lesions and opening of the eardrum, etc.), orthopedics (removal of the meniscus of the knee, Repair of tendons and ligaments, etc.), neurosurgery and many other surgeries.

What are the uses of laparoscopic and arthroscopic camera covers?

Since the camera, lens and instruments used in endoscopes must be sterile and sterilization of the camera is not possible due to the sensitivity of the lens and cable to steam or shortens its lifespan; It must be sterilized by the ethylene oxide method, which itself requires an ethylene oxide autoclave and takes at least 8 hours just for the sterilization process. (Collection, washing, disinfection, and packing times should also be considered.) If the treatment center has the equipment, each camera can only be used for one operation.


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