Endoscopic mouth guard

Disposable cover for different types from different manufacturers

Product Specifications :


1- Disposable mouth guard, in addition to passing the patient’s tube, should also take care of the patient’s teeth and jaw.
Disposable endoscopic mouth guard should be designed in such a way that the patient does not damage the patient’s teeth, gums and lips during the reaction to the passage of the endoscopic tube.
Therefore, choosing the right raw materials to make it is very important and its flexibility against high and uncontrollable pressure of the patient’s jaw and teeth is very important.
In some non-standard and inexpensive disposable mouth guards, we have seen the use of inappropriate and unsanitary raw materials, and also in some cases, the use of recycled materials that have a deceptive appearance, which, in addition to the possibility of disease transmission, irreparable risks or costs. They have imposed a lot on their centers and equipment.
2- Maintaining the anatomy of the patient’s mouth In cases where the patient’s jaw does not sit together and the mandible is smaller or larger than the maxilla, or patients who have a jaw deviation, the disposable mouth guard should be able to maintain the anatomy of the patient’s mouth and jaw. It should be noted that these issues are taken very seriously in professional designs.
3- Static conditions of disposable mouth guard piece on patient’s face and mouth The external shape of mouth guard should be made in such a way that the patient’s face arches are often due to various reasons such as small face, obesity and thinness, as well as young age and small skull or even Easily cover rare temporomandibular joint disorders (arthritis) that cause the jaws and mouth not to open. Therefore, the external shape should be in a way that reduces the patient’s harassment and so-called easily placed on the patient’s face.
4- Maintaining the health of the patient’s endoscope tube and end rubber when passing through the cavity of the disposable mouth guard piece
Patient tubes Flexible endoscopes are made of special, separate materials for softness and flexibility. Its outer covering must have special conditions to prevent the transmission of disease and damage to the inner surface of the gastrointestinal tract (upper) and also to maintain its flexibility and easily slip and move on the inner surfaces of the gastrointestinal tract.


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