Microscope coating

Disposable cover for different types from different manufacturers

Product Specifications :

– without latex

– Made of transparent and high quality polyethylene

– Tapes to ensure the cover is fixed on the machine

Large foldable pieces to change the shape and shape of the cover comfortably

  • Size 220 × 120 in packs of 200


Familiarity with surgical microscopes

Surgical microscopes are one of the most important and key components in performing some surgeries. So that today, without the presence of microscopes, many precise and delicate operations can not be performed. Principles of operation of microscopes, the use of lenses It creates images with multiple magnifications without compromising quality. After Zeiss microscope, Leica microscope is one of the most widely used models of surgical microscopes in Iran. Asia Jarh Jarah Company, as the only official and licensed manufacturer, produces Leica microscope covers in Iran.

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Surgical microscopes are used for two reasons. The first use of surgical microscopes is to magnify areas where the surgeon has less vision, and the second reason is to be more careful on the operating site, so that the surgeon can see the components inside the surgical site more clearly and can perform the surgery more easily. .

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Surgical microscopes are available in both ceiling and portable models in the medical equipment market. Ceiling models are more advanced models than portable models and their magnification is higher.

Applications of surgical microscopes

Surgical microscopes are used in various operations such as neurosurgery, eye, ear, throat and nose surgeries. Especially in pediatric surgeries due to the small size of children’s tissues, microscopes are used to give the surgeon a better view of the operation site.

In the past, surgical microscopes had only one pair of eyes, which only the surgeon could use to observe the surgical site, while today, with the development of technology, microscopes with two or three pairs of eyes and in certain models with Four pairs of eyes were designed and built so that the surgical team could assist the surgeon.

In addition to the advantage of increasing the number of eyes for more use of people in the operating room, large monitors on microscopes are used that can also record surgical video.


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