Paper v Pack

Disposable cover for different types from different manufacturers

Product Specifications :


This product is a tool made of multi-layered and transparent polyethylene, medical paper and temperature-resistant polyethylene, which is resistant to heat and heat. V-pack rolls are in two types, simple and pleated. The production index of a simple roll of V-Pack is water-based and non-toxic, which indicates the processes of ethylene oxide, formaldehyde and steam sterilization. Is.

V-Pack Paper Specifications
This product, medical paper pack or packaging paper, is a device for packaging medical and dental instruments in the process of sterilization and autoclaving. These papers are of high quality and are made of medical papers and transparent PETPP layer. Also, two water-based markers have been used to perform ethylene oxide and steam gas autoclaves on these papers. The use of these markers is suitable to indicate the sterilization process at a suitable temperature and time.

Wei Paper Pack Applications
V-pack rolls as well as sterile bags are used in various cases, including the use of these rolls in dentists and hospitals and all cases of sterilization. Roll V-Pack and V-Pack have a significant place in global health due to the complete sterilization of tools and their resistance to bacterial infestation.

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