Patient receiver

Disposable cover for different types from different manufacturers

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If you are a health care professional, you must have encountered the fact that many surgical instruments are used every day in operating rooms that need to be properly maintained, taking a large number of samples from different patients. They may need to be relocated, and patient care requires constant dressing changes.

Medical receiver is one of the most widely used equipment in the field of medicine, which is used in medical centers, hospitals and dentistry to maintain medical and surgical equipment such as forceps and scissors, storage of samples and secretions collected from patients and Maintenance of washing or disinfecting solutions is designed and produced.

Some receivers are disposable and need to be disposed of immediately after use. Therefore, these containers are only suitable for preparing injection and dressing supplies and have little use.

On the other hand, medical receivers made of metal or stainless steel can be disinfected and autoclaved, and this feature makes them suitable for applications such as disinfecting surgical instruments or collecting patients’ vomit.

Today, most medical receivers are made of plastic and have found a special place in medical centers.

Polypropylene receivers are similar to autoclave metal receivers, and the feature that distinguishes them from metal receivers is their lighter weight, which makes them easier to carry and move. Also, these receivers are resistant to common chemicals and they are easy to wash and clean.


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