Surgical light handle cover

Disposable cover for different types from different manufacturers

Product Specifications :

– without latex

– to be fixed on the device

– Made of transparent and high quality polyethylene

  • General and Martin sizes in packs of 125


Familiarity with operating room lights

Sialitis lights or surgical lights are essential for surgery; So that today, surgery is rarely possible without the use of sialistic lights. There are different types of surgical lights, some of which are mounted on the ceiling of the operating room and some of which can be used as portable. Disposable light bulb covers are commonly used to use sialitic lights.

The main feature of sialit lights is to create light like daylight so that it prevents color errors and creates natural and cool light. Due to the proximity of these lights to the operating site, as well as the surgeon and the surgical team, it is necessary for these lights to use cold light that does not change the ambient temperature. Therefore, special types of lamps are used in the construction of these lights. Sialitic lights have boards by which light is concentrated in the operating area and its light intensity can be adjusted, and the light intensity can be increased or decreased. .

Also in some models of surgical lights, heat absorption filters are used so that the resulting heat does not disturb the patient and the surgeon.

Methods of using sialit lights

Due to the fact that the surgical team and the surgeon wear sterile clothes at the beginning of the operation and the hands are covered and isolated with sterile gloves after disinfection and no non-sterile objects should be touched. To adjust the height and angle of light of the sialit lamp, do this in two ways so that the lamp can be used properly.

Set by mobile or circular nurse

The first method of using the sialit lamp is to set it by a free and circulating nurse who is present outside the surgical sterile position and inside the operating room and to the surgical team to adjust the devices, prepare and prepare the equipment. The need for action helps.

Since the mobile nurse should not in any way deal with any of the members of the surgical team who are considered sterile and any contact with non-sterile people and equipment will cause non-sterility and contamination of the team and the surgical environment, and if Even the smallest part of this person’s clothes collides with a member of the surgical team, that person is obliged to put on sterile clothes again and the surgical process is interrupted.

Use sterile or sterile accessories

Over the years, methods have been introduced to help with this and make it easier to adjust the operating room lights, which we will mention below:

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  • The manufacturers of sialitic lights, considering the problems mentioned above, tried to sterilize them by designing detachable handles or covers to be installed on the handles and using special materials in production. Accept; Therefore, the sets of sialitic lights (or their cover) can be separated and placed in a sterile process, which allows the surgeon to easily adjust the sialitic lights without the help of his circular nurse.

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 LED handle cover

What is a disposable cover of sialitic lamp handle?

In recent years, disposable plastic covers have been designed and produced to improve the use of surgical lights, which has made the work very easy for the surgical team. These coatings are called disposable light bulb covers.

But what exactly is the sialitic light handle cover?

Covering one or more pieces of plastic is preferably transparent without gaps, holes and lesions and in a sterile package that is easily installed on the handle of the lamp and as a protective layer from direct contact with the surgeon or The surgical team prevents and protects when the light is set with this non-sterile part.


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