Ultrasound probe cover

Disposable cover for different types from different manufacturers

Product Specifications :

– without latex

– Made of transparent and high quality polyethylene

– Tapes to ensure the cover is fixed on the machine

Large foldable pieces to change the shape and shape of the cover comfortably

  • Size 100 × 550 in packs of 200


Hospital probes and cables

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Different types of cables, sensors, probes and tubes are used in medical centers. In many cases, especially in the operating room, angiography and radiography rooms, due to the need for sterility of the work environment and the equipment used, it is necessary for these items to be used in a sterile manner. Since most of these equipments are not sterilizable or have a short shelf life against sterilization, it is necessary to prepare a sterile or sterile coating for them to be used, which is called a cover or probe cover. Due to the greater use of these covers in ultrasound probes, the name of the ultrasound probe cover has been termed.

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Introduction to sterile probe cover

In many surgeries or graphs, probes are used that should be used as sterile as needed. On the other hand, it is not possible to sterilize or it is very difficult. Therefore, it is very tangible to use a cover that is sterile and covers these probes. Therefore, transparent, impermeable, soft and flexible plastic coatings are used, which is known as probe cover.

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On the other hand, one of the most widely used cases is the probe cover in performing ultrasounds and covering the sonographic probe; For this reason, in many cases, the probe cover is referred to as the ultrasound probe cover.

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In the usual form, if you need to cover the ultrasound probe, latex coatings are used to take the shape of the probe due to its elasticity and prevent the creation of noise and annoying sound waves.

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However, due to the shortness of this type of cover and its non-sterile supply, in cases of need for use in isolated and sterile environment, sterile plastic and transparent probe covers should be used.

Due to the importance of quality control of covers and prevention of contamination, the probe coating is produced and supplied as a single use.

How to use a sterile probe cover:

  • To use sterile probe covers (ultrasound), you must first open the cover from inside the package and place it on a sterile workbench.
  • Then insert the probe from the bottom of the cover to cover the tip of the probe to the front of the cover. To smooth out the corrosion, the end edge of the cover bag is sterilized to the circulator or person outside the environment so that by slowly pulling it, the probe can be fully inserted into the cover.
  • Then, at the end of the work, in order to fix the cover, use the adhesives embedded in the package to fix the probe cover.
  • When using sterile covers, care should be taken not to cover holes, grooves or damage.
  • Disposable covers should not be re-sterilized and used.


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